Fashion is crazy and uninhibited. There's so much coming at us that every day we have to filter out what we want and don't want. And fashion is all about taking risks and stepping outside boundaries to express ourselves, but it's definitely nothing like dressing in the dark. Fashion enthusiasts make calculated decisions for each look or style they pursue, as what they choose is a direct reflection of who they are or how they want to be perceived in the world. . Calculated Fashion is going to be a reflection of my personal style, and more.

By reading Calculated Fashion, you'll get a glimpse into my life as a fashion enthusiast, a girl, a student, a friend, and a young professional.

For my followers, thank you for all your support this past year. I've been blessed with many opportunities through this blog, but I'm looking to extend my reach. I hope to provide you with better content, better photos, and a better idea of who I am with my new blog.


A beautiful evening.

Vamper Sean should've auditioned for True Blood ... or Twilight. ha ha ha I'm getting a henna!
Eat my bubbles!
I'm wearing BCBG Runway dress & Burberry patent leather mini stud pumps

Seams to fit my budget.

The most awesome designer consignment shop in Portland is having a sale this weekend! This is where I purchased my favorite handbags. :) Since I've found this little gem in town, I've recommended it to everyone I know that's into designer fashion and also into keeping their bank from calling. Their 10th anniversary sale is going to be a great opportunity to snag some of your favorite designer goods for a really AMAZING deal! Their regular sale items sometimes don't last very long at all, so your decisions have to be quick. This time EVERYTHING is going to be on sale. I was just in the other day but I hope they have some new inventory for me to check out!

I scanned this postcard for all my Portland readers but you can find out more information on their website!

Watch for the Swatch

We have a Swatch store in Downtown Portland and they have a zillion cool watches at pretty affordable prices. I just learned about CreArt for Swatch, an artist collaboration and challenge amongst four artists to design for 'the world's smallest canvas'. Below is Billy the Artist, a NYC-based "Urban Primitivist" painting the window of the Times Square Swatch store this past July.

The fusion of art and fashion. Here are brand new limited edition timepieces by Billy the Artist for the Swatch CreArt Collection launching today.  Originated in 1986 with pieces designed by famed artist Keith Haring, this collection introduces a mainstream audience to the world of abstract creativity by giving consumers the opportunity to purchase “wearable” art.

I like the funky black & white version, AfterDark ($55). Multi-colored Morning Glow is $65.

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